Time and change on Antarctic ice shelves
Christina Hulbe 教授
2023.11.14 13:30-15:30

报告人:Christina Hulbe(新西兰奥塔哥大学 教授)

时间:2023.11.14 13:30-15:30



Dr Christina Hulbe is Professor of the National School of Surveying at the University of Otago, in Dunedin, New Zealand. She is lead investigator for the recently completed Aotearoa New Zealand Ross Ice Shelf Programme. Today, she is an Objective Lead in the New Zealand Antarctic Science Platform and co-investigator on projects involving deformation and fabric development in polar ice masses. Christina began her glaciology career working with Ian Whillans on what was at the time named Ice Stream B (now Whillans Ice Stream) in West Antarctica. She earned her BS in Geological Engineering at Montana Tech, her MS in Geology at The Ohio State University and her PhD in Geophysics at the University of Chicago (1998). She moved from the US to New Zealand in 2013. She is engaged in a number of service activities, including leadership roles with the International Glaciological Society and at her home university. She is a recipient of the IGS Richardson Medal for Service to Glaciology and the IGS.


Polar ice sheets are the largest source of higher end, long term sea level rise on Earth today and the ice sheet in West Antarctica is the largest source of uncertainty in the sea level rise projection. In this presentation, Prof. Hulbe will discuss why this is the case and share insights from the Aotearoa New Zealand Ross Ice Shelf Programme, an interdisciplinary effort to better understand the processes at work in the ice sheet – ice shelf – ocean system.