Modern surveying and mapping science and technology, represented by satellite navigation, remote sensing and geographic information system, is regarded as one of the most important and most rapidly developing fields in the world. Surveying and mapping geographic information industry in China is now widely used in national economy, all fields of social development and national defense construction. With distinct high-tech features and typical interdisciplinary characteristics, the industry is showing a scene of prosperous development. Hence, there is a great demand for talents in this field.

  Survey Department at Tongji University (College of Surveying and Geo-Informatics was established in May 2012) is the birthplace of surveying higher education industry in China. Since its establishment in 1932, the discipline has a history of more than 80 years, and has cultivated a large number of outstanding scientific and technological talents in the field of surveying, mapping and geographical information and has made great contributions to the national construction and social development.

  At present, the college has a first-level discipline of surveying science and technology, as well as a national second-level key discipline and a Shanghai municipal first-level discipline. With a high-level talent team and a strong faculty, including talents from the “National Young Oversea High-level Talents Program”, winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, specially-appointed professors of “Chang Jiang Scholars Program” of the Ministry of Education, etc., the College has adopted and constructed an internationalized teaching system from undergraduate education, postgraduate education, to doctoral education, becoming a platform of both talent cultivation and scientific research. High-level laboratories and bases for university students’ scientific and technological innovation practice have been established. All of these contribute to providing a broad platform for the growth of our students and the cultivation of talents in the discipline of surveying and mapping.

  We warmly welcome students and outstanding talents at home and abroad to join us and become a new innovation force at Tongji University in building a sustainability-oriented world-class university, making a joint effort on the same boat to realize the national dream of becoming a powerful country in the field of surveying, mapping and geographic information and create a better future!