Center for Spatial Information Science and Sustainable Development Application, Tongji University


Center for Spatial Information Science and Sustainable Development Application was established in 2010. Through the introduction of world-class scientific research environment and system, the center carries out high-level research and application with core competitiveness in space information and remote sensing technology. Equipped with advanced research equipment, developing and utilizing the latest space information technology, the center is committed to solving the problems of space information science in science and engineering research and its related application in sustainable development.

The purpose of the center is to establish an efficient research team, implement special research policies, emphasize the team role of discipline research under the leadership of academic leaders, encourage innovative discipline research, attract talents and develop excellent research teams, and engage in frontier basic research for a long time in order to obtain research results with international influence.

Main research areas:

l Space information and key technology of precise sensor network and its application in sustainable development

l Research and application of precise navigation and positioning

l Key technologies for the management and application of massive geographic information data

l Key technologies of spatial information and mobile service platform Construction

Research Center for Remote Sensing Technology Application of Tongji University


Research Center for Remote Sensing Technology Application of Tongji University was established in 1995. Based on the characteristics of civil engineering in Tongji University, the center carries out research on high precision photogrammetry in non-topography, especially in buildings. Combined with national defense construction, the research of image processing in aircraft navigation and weapon guidance is carried out so as to improve the accuracy of positioning. Terrain surface is modeled using the SAR image data for the monitoring of land subsidence in coastal cities. Remote sensing image processing and virtual scene generation are carried out in combination with regional planning and landscape design.

Up to now, the center has hosted and participated in a number of national “863” projects, natural science foundation projects, “973” projects and subprojects, various kinds of military and provincial and ministerial projects, and has achieved fruitful results in related fields.

Main research areas:

l Digital photogrammetry and computer vision: including the theory and method of full digital photogrammetry, the extraction of 3D information of remote sensing images by computer vision technology, the automatic establishment of DEM and orthophoto, and the establishment of digital photogrammetry system.

l Application research of remote sensing technology: including the method of establishing geographic information system integrating remote sensing image, DEM data and vector data; urban image geographic information system; management, retrieval, compression and storage of massive information; Feature extraction of multi-source remote sensing images (such as optical images, synthetic aperture radar images, real aperture radar images, etc.) and image matching methods of different sensors, and their applications in real-time navigation and positioning; theory and method of multi-source information fusion and their application in real-time positioning and information updating of aircraft; theory and method for SAR image interferometry and differential interferometry, and their application in ground subsidence monitoring.

l Digital close range photogrammetry: including the application of single image and stereo vision technology in close range photogrammetry, the theory and method for extracting close range objects, and the application in industrial parts detection, urban planning, deformation monitoring, road and traffic, etc.


Institute of Geodesy and Environmental Information, Tongji University

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Institute of Surveying and Space Information, Tongji University

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