1. Cultivation Goal of Graduate Programs

Geared to the future needs of national construction, we aim at cultivating professional engineers who have basic theory and professional knowledge of surveying and mapping science and technology, understand the technical status and development trend of the discipline, master the advanced technical methods and modern technical means to solve engineering problems, and are qualified for research, design, management and application in the field of surveying and mapping science and technology. Meanwhile, we hope to cultivate excellent talents with strong continuing learning ability, innovation ability, international vision and sense of leadership.

2. Length of Schooling and Granted Degree

Normally, the length of schooling is 2.5 years (5 semesters) with no more than 1.5 years of course learning and no less than 1 year of thesis work.

If graduation is postponed, the maximum length of schooling shall not exceed 4 years.

If the graduate student has completed the program in advance with thesis meeting the requirements for oral defense application, he/she can apply for thesis oral defense and degree granting in advance after going through the prescribed approval procedure. The minimum length of schooling shall not be less than 1.5 years.

Granted Degree: Master of Engineering

3. Credits Required

The total credits should not be less than 28 credits.

4. Thesis Work

The thesis work is an important part of the program. Graduate students should complete their theses independently under the guidance of their supervisors. The thesis should be able to fully reflect that the students have obtained the abilities required in the "cultivation goal".

In principle, the thesis should be written in Chinese. Foreign students may write in English or in other languages approved by the degree evaluation subcommittee, but Chinese abstract must be attached.

The confidentiality management of confidential theses and degree application shall be subject to the interim provisions on the management of confidential theses and degree applications of graduate students of Tongji University.

5. Graduation and Degree Granting

Graduation is granted when the graduate student has obtained the minimum credits required and passed the thesis oral defense.

Before degree granting, the graduate student shall have published one paper of the discipline or related discipline in an academic journal or at an academic conference at home or abroad, with him/her-self being the first author, or his/her supervisor being the first author and him/her-self being the second author.

If the graduate student meets the requirements for degree granting, he/she will be awarded the Degree of Master of Engineering.

If the graduate student failed to meet the requirements for academic paper publication, but has completed the program in terms of course taking and credit earning and thesis work, he/she can apply for thesis oral defense after approval of the Discipline Professional Committee. Graduation can be granted after he/she passes the thesis oral defense, and master’s degree application shall be executed later in accordance with article 6 of the regulations of Tongji University on the publication of academic papers for doctoral and master degree applicants.